Juggle or Balance?

JUGGLE or BALANCE? Have you ever tried to juggle? I bought a book complete with the juggling balls that says even a klutz can learn to juggle. Confession time here, I am NOT the most coordinated person, SO perhaps learning to juggle is not one of my talents. Yet,...

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My Reiki Journey

  What began as a holistic treatment for depression has become a daily spiritual practice which has benefited my physical and emotional health Over 14 years ago I sought Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) as a way to treat depression and received my level 1 and 2...

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I made a drum

I birthed a drum for my birthday. I am not sure why I wanted to make a drum. I do not have one that I use and have not been involved in drumming or a drumming circle. I was not even sure why I wanted a drum or why I wanted to make one and not just buy one. I organized...

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Change is good

Change is good and yet so many of us rail at change. Just this week the look of my email account was changed and I was upset at not being able to quickly find what I wanted. It seems everyday something is changing. Sometimes change is forced on us and sometimes we...

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The smell of lilacs

Finally Spring has arrived in Northern Illinois were I live.  I can smell lilacs thru the open screen door. Iris are bobbing their delicate petals on long stems in the wind.  It was a really long Winter here and the arrival of Spring flowers has been most welcomes....

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Let’s work together and transform your life

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