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Here is a helpful process — A free gift from me to you!  Joan

H.O.P.E. ~ Heart Opening Prosperity Empowerments©

Do you want a better life?  One that is focused on love and enlightenment! Are you ready to embrace your own inner divinity and power?  Have you been wounded and closed off your heart? 

Our heart is one of our most powerful physical organs, some say even more powerful than our brain.  Every heart beat sends a message to every cell; communicating life.  Our heart thinks and remembers and is considered the seat of our soul and creativity by many.  The heart connects us to the physical world as well as the spiritual world, the gateway. 

Our heart sends information as well as receives information and holds all the answers to all the questions your mind and soul are asking.

By utilizing my Heart Opening Prosperity Empowerment process H.O.P.E. © you can bring down the walls that have closed off your heart and embrace a future of happiness, love, wealth, health and vitality.   Our heart holds all of our wisdom and our life purpose.  It holds the information of WHY you came here and what you came to do.  When you embrace this you attract to you relationships that support you.  When you embrace your life purpose you call in wealth in the form of money and security.  When you let go of anger and animosity, hurt and disappointment you boost your immune system and experience greater health and vitality.  This is HOPE.

H.O.P.E.© is an easy to learn daily process that helps you to release those hurts and disappointments so you can be more open and loving.  This is a process you do for yourself, to yourself each day.  And when practiced regularly changes the way you see your world and who you are.  When you do this you begin to make choices that are empowering, beneficial, life giving and from a place of love, not lack or scarcity or fear.

This process is life transforming, life giving and can bring you back to your true self.  Give yourself the gift of H.O.P.E©.


We each have the ability to open our hearts to love.

Try this:

Think of a smiling cherub faced baby or cuddly soft kitten, something that you adore.

Did you feel yourself soften?  Open a little, relax?

Now try this: 

Think of a past hurt or disappointment.  A time when you felt lost, wounded or mis-understood.

Did you find yourself withdraw or close yourself off?

See –  you have just opened your heart and closed it off, in the span of seconds!

By learning the H.O.P.E. process and practicing for just a few minutes a day you can learn to embrace that openness.  You can turn those hurts and disappointments into strengths and gifts.

A closed heart:

When our heart is closed and restricted; by hurt, fear, disappointment, betrayal we become numb to joy.   A person with a closed heart may have an imbalance between their physical self and spiritual self.  They may become judgmental, defensive and ungrateful.  They may find themselves living in the past; rehashing old stories, this keeps you stuck; and re-creatin the past. A person with a closed heart may be out of touch with their emotions.  This creates an inability to focus and manifest their true desires.  A closed heart inhibits your ability to speaking your truth.  You are no long your true self.  Those with a closed heart are just NOT happy, with themselves, life or others.

Life experiences, disappointments, hurts may have numbed you and disconnected you  from your heart. You have forgotten who you are and why you are here. Call me today You can change all this by learning my Heart Opening Prosperity Empowerment process H.O.P.E. ©

An open heart

A person with an open or balanced heart has a conscious acceptance of self and others. An open and balanced heart is the key to deep calmness, inner peace, happiness and spiritual growth.   This is a person who lives in the present moment, is compassionate, forgiving, offers unconditional love, is peaceful, grateful and knows their inner self.  They feel connected to their soul and inner self, and are integrated physically and spiritually.  They easily and confidently manifest their hearts desire. This is what is available to you.

The heart is THE great transformer.  And can change your life.  The love and positive feelings you have for someone else appears in THEIR electromagnetic field.   What we give out we get back. Connecting to your heart returns you to who you have always been. Your heart will always give you your truth.  You are Divine spiritual being.

Connecting to our heart re-awakens us to our divinity and our soul’s purpose.  All our feelings and emotions have wisdom and lessons for us.  We just need to make a choice to embrace them.

Heart Opening Prosperity Empowerment – H.O.P.E. ©  workshops are one day programs where you learning this powerful life transforming tool.  One to one coaching and teachings are available to support you on your journey as well.  Group coaching is offered in Sycamore on the 3rd Mondays of each month at Wise Owl Wellness Center.

Individual one to one coaching sessions are offered over the phone.  You will learn this powerful technique so daily transformations can be done on your own.