pink quartz

Do you experience difficulty in your relationships with others?

Have you been the victim of abuse?

Do you feel unsafe with no rational reason?

These are among the many issues and patterns that can be healed and cleared when you re-create your conception. That very moment when the egg of your mother and the sperm of your father connect. This provides for healing of any trauma that may have occurred. We can even go back further so that the energy of the egg and sperm is optimized. The relationship and dynamics of the union at the time of conception between mother and father can also be enhanced with re-conception.

This process explores 3 spiritual developmental keys and 7 biologic points that can create pre-natal trauma. We also explore the meeting of the soul and biology of the body. This regressive intuitive session is done over the phone during several sessions.

This is a powerful life transforming process that helps heal life long patterns, heals trauma and clears the often hidden cause of life’s difficulties. Clients report profound states of inner peace and connectedness.