It is all about home! As a life coach, alchemist, teacher and transformational workshop leader Joan Protano of ABC Living assists people with living in and from their soul. For Joan home is where are our hearts are, where we live and who we are and she believes that ‘home’ is what affects our quality of living.

Joan had a 20 plus year career in the field of banking; mostly in guiding and counseling people with obtaining a mortgage loan for a home purchase or refinance. Joan has calmly assisted hundreds of people achieve the American Dream of home ownership by helping them navigate credit, finances and the complications of a purchase or refinance. Home is where we reside each day as well.

She and her husband reside in the Midwest along with two felines who think they are in charge of the entire world. She hosted a monthly Reiki share in her community open to the public for over 10 years and was a co-leader to over 30 healing retreats for post-abortive women.

Energy Healing

Joan began her journey with energy healing in 2000 with a Reiki attunement after a severe depression. A desire for a holistic approach to healing emotions and limiting beliefs created a student of releasing techniques and belief work. She completed course work with the Coaches Training Institute taking over 400 hours of training. She continued her training with several Reiki teachers and she is certified to teach several different aspects of Reiki.

A quest for more information had been ignited and she went on to get certified in The One Command, DNA Theta Healing, and Reference Point Therapy. Joan’s search lead her to study the work of  Abraham and Esther Hicks, The Law of Attaction, Wayne Dyer, Karol K. Truman, Orin and DaBen with Sanaya and Roman, The Akashic records with  Linda Howe, The I AM Discourses, and Ho’oponopono, among many other things.

The desire for holistic health lead her to an interest in essential oils and crystals. In 2011 she became a consultant for NYR Organic, a skincare line that utilizes the benefits of aromatherapy. Learning to detox her life; thoughts and environment is one of her goals for herself and you. She brings you a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to help you get in touch with your true inner being – your soul!

Beliefs, emotions and feelings about ourselves and our world control who we are, how we show up and what we attract. Working with and integrating a variety of tools she will help you and teach you to connect with your heart and soul so you may have and experience less stress, better relationships and more money. This includes teaching Heart Opening Prosperity Empowerment’s H.O.P.E.©, her signature work and Reiki.

One to one coaching sessions are powerful and trans-formative and help you begin living your life from a place of HOPE.

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