Work with Joan

Joan believes that healing and transformation requires consistency and support.

Create the sacred space in which you are empowered to become your own advocate and healer

Her in depth coaching programs create the sacred space in which you are empowered to become your own advocate and healer. She truly believes that you can live the life you dream of and is confident that working with H.O.P.E. is the transformative tool that will empower you to live a life awakened to abundance, balanced and connected to Divine Intelligence and your soul.

Her 9 month long Alchemy program is limited to a handful of clients. Clients connect with Joan over the phone for 1 to 1 1/2 hours 3 weeks out of each month. The fourth week is reserved for deep self directed inner work as prescribed by Joan. Exercises are assigned after each coaching session and clients have email support in between each session. Priorities for our time together will be based on individual needs. Among the things we will explore during our time together:

We will look at your childhood and connect to your inner child

Current and past life challenges

Examine regrets

Heal rejections

Heal rejections



Family dymanics

Intuitive development and soul connection

Physical ailments, health and body challenges

Explore resentments

Forgive self and others

Inner talk and stories

Soul Lessons

Ancestral connections

Relationshops, among many other things

Interested in working with Joan?

If you’re interested in working with Joan, please download + fill out this client intake form, and contact her to discuss availabilty.