Change is good and yet so many of us rail at change. Just this week the look of my email account was changed and I was upset at not being able to quickly find what I wanted. It seems everyday something is changing. Sometimes change is forced on us and sometimes we make the effort to change. I recently decided to paint the bathroom, a small simple task I think to myself. I can easily get this done in a weekend. Have you been to a paint store lately? Wow, there are SO many choices! Who knew the color purple came in SO many shades and hues. I forced myself to only visit ONE store or the decision on which color could have been a project in itself. For me, too many options is not a good thing. I just get confused. Then, I convince myself that I need to research and test it out. Finally, I convince myself that no matter what I choose it will be the wrong choice. Stuck, again! I have found this applies not only to picking out paint my friend……….

I only allowed myself to visit one store and gave myself one hour to decide on the color, yes, one hour! Its ONLY paint and it’s ONLY a bathroom! My mantra while shopping! Choosing and buying paint was only the first step. The clerk reminded me of all the supplies I might need, great upsell! Once home I embraced the task of preparing the room. I think preparing the room took longer than painting! Remove mirrors and hooks and towels. Wash ceiling and walls. Patch holes and cracks. And then apply that non sticky blue tape. This change business is exhausting! Finally, the room got painted and all re-assembled. Yea, it took more than a weekend to finally finish! I love the new look and color, it changed the whole room. I feel brighter and happier just walking in! Really! Of course, now I am thinking of all the other rooms that need painting! Yikes!

Change IS good! This project made me realize how something simple can be complicated and how I could have easily have halted myself by indecision. It helped me to see other areas of my life where I have allowed too many choices, research and indecision have prevented me from taking action. That fear of making the wrong decision looms once again.

I love how life teaches us lessons and I am glad my bathroom is now purple. I also have greater insight on some things I want to change and how to take action! I know that I need to limit my options,, there will be lots of prep, I will need a plan and probably more time than I think. It may even be exhausting, maybe a little messy. I also know that it will be fun and I will be happier when it is done. and I may even want to change more after that.

Amazing what painting a bathroom can do! Is there something you want to change in your life?