When I began to see my life as a journey of healing my perspective changed. I began to see opportunities in all situations and areas. Big shift! I had some wonderful insights at the recent workshop with Barbara Evans in Lisle with her marvelous high vibration art and new healing discs, I have been promoting and coordinating this for the last couple of months. I love bringing leading edge healers and tools to my corner of the world. Of course, I benefit as well!

The workshop focus was about Insight and Integration! For years now, I have been attempting to build a bridge between my day and night! I have spent 20 year in a career as a mortgage lender who for the last 10 years has wanted to do Reiki and life coaching and healings, meditation, essential oils and crystals instead. Yes, math and numbers, finances, credit and debts, government regulation, rules and paper. Contrasted by Reiki, meditation, emotional healing, energy clearing, crystals and sound healing. For a long time that is how I saw my two worlds. Separate! My day job; masculine energies and my wanna be day job, embracing the feminine energies of healing.

Then I realized that of all the ‘institutions’ and industries that needed healing it was my corner; this masculine world of housing, mortgage lending, banking and finance. So I brought incense, crystals, healing art and music into my office at the mortgage company I worked. I did Reiki on my files, sent Reiki to the underwriters, appraisers, Realtors and customers. I looked at my own feelings of anger, resentment, insecurity, scarcity and fears with acknowledgment and healing. I found myself embracing them instead of denying them. I came to a place of peace with what I was doing during the day, taking delight once again in helping a young couple understand their financing options and getting a loan for their first house.

I was able to hear a Realtors concern about a closing with new understanding and compassion. I walked gthru foreclosed homes with the purpose of healing the wounds of loss, anxiety, embarrassment and failure. I could counsel those with credit problems with understanding, insights and wisdom. I heard the frustration and concerns with greater clarity and offered healing at every opportunity. I embraced the challenges with new openness, I stopped resisting and found more joy in my day.

I did not quite get the Integration piece until workshop. Barbara talked about this time of higher vibration and frequencies being available to us. She has been guided to create new tools for us to use. She is creating new blueprints for us to re-construct ourselves. Many of which I have added to my daily life. Now it is about integrating, the dark and light, the male and female. Combining, enhancing, blending. Re-constructing. Being and not doing.

I have been releasing resistance, struggle, effort, so I can return to who I am; a Divine Expression of our Creator. How can I BE that? Not just DO? BE. There is a difference.

At this workshop, I and those in attendance got to experience BEING! You can as well. I encourage you to find that space, sacred spaces, in which you can BE. We have all experienced that open, heartfelt connectedness even just for a fleeting few moments. The more you find them , acknowledge them, the easier it is to get there no matter the circumstances. I think of those who model this BEING for us; Visionaries, my models include, AMMA, Penache Desai, Wayne Dyer, The Dalai Lama, my mentors and teachers; Christine Sonnen and Barbara Evans.

I find that sacred space of BEINGNESS when I meditate, practice Yoga, connect with nature or one of my crystals, among animals, when I do Reiki, at Reiki shares, group healing circles, with music and art, working in my flower garden, share a laugh with my husband, listen to a friend share their heart story, help a client get a loan for a house. There are SO many ways I now enter sacred space. When I set my intention, stop resisting, acknowledge what I want, get into the flow of my inner essence. The more often I GO there with consistent daily practices and intentional day to day activities the easier it is to stay there. It just takes practice! And acknowledgment and awareness.

I encourage you to look at your life. Set your intention for creating and finding sacred space. Look at the various ways you experience sacred space and then become more intentional and consistent with tapping into your own Divine Essence. Please share the ways you invite sacred space into your life.