Have you ever tried to juggle? I bought a book complete with the juggling balls that says even a klutz can learn to juggle. Confession time here, I am NOT the most coordinated person, SO perhaps learning to juggle is not one of my talents.
Yet, sometimes, I do more juggling than balancing on any given day. Everyday each of us attempts a balancing act or a juggling act; I invite you to examine your own life. We balance work with family and self with friends. We juggle home and work and our social interactions.

There are projects and meetings along with personal obligations, friends and family. We work long hours, fit personal errands such as banking and shopping into our lunch breaks and weekends. Then there’s a deluge of social media, E-mail, voice mail, regular mail and the constant access via cell phone. Well, I could go on, could I not?
The very things that are supposed to make our lives easier often make our experiences stressful and complicated too. We HAVE indeed learned the art of juggling.
Time is finite, you only get a certain amount – 168 hours a week, fifty two weeks a year 1440 minutes each day…… It seems today that we are busier than ever!
We each have a choice about how we live our lives, how we spend our time. You can either continue to juggle and hope you get better at it OR you can start making conscious decisions and look for balance.
One of my roles as a life coach and spiritual adviser is helping you to look at what your choices are and examining why you are making them and supporting you in making different and perhaps better choices for what you really want.
Some of the questions I might ask are
· “What is balance and what would your life look like if it was in balance?”
· What if your finances and health were in balance with your personal growth and career and family?
As a life coach I help people to look at their life, get clarity about the important things and support them in making changes.
Review your own answer to the questions I posed. How can you start living a more balanced life and do less juggling?
Getting an out of control life into balance is not an overnight task, it will take perseverance, deep thought, practice and perhaps even sacrifice and maybe support.

As a life coach I offer that support and insight. If you want a life in balance the first step is in realizing that yours is OUT of balance. Take the first step and call me to get clarity and balance today.