Our surroundings have a big impact on our lives, our moods, our comfort level, even our productivity. . . I am sure you can recall a time when something has taken your breathe away with its beauty. A room, a painting, nature, even a person? For me this is sacred space. And I have come to value it’s importance and effect on my life. So, I intentionally create sacred space in all areas. What is sacred space to you? For some this conjures up a religious building, for others they find it in nature.

Here is my definition; it is that which brings you in connection with your own Divinity and the Divine presence. I deliberately create sacred space in my life using nature, music, art and intention. Yes, even my thoughts.

How can you create sacred space in your life? Perhaps you already have and do not recognize it as such. That grouping of family photos with the vase from your grandmother filled with flowers. Sacred space. The arrangement of keepsakes from your childhood or own children. Sacred space. These areas do bring you pleasure and connection to the Divine!

Now create sacred space more deliberately and connect to it.

One of my deliberate creations has been with high vibration and sacred art which uses sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the universal language of nature and is a reflection of creation.

Several years ago I was drawn to the art of Barbara Evans and have found it support my intention of creating sacred space with art. The image below is one of Barbara’s and it that of Earth Star: Temple of Power, from the Image Key Chakra Series…this is for the third chakra for the New Golden Age. It holds the vibrations of Power in Balance, this Image Key supports the development of your full and true power based upon Love and Wisdom. MS. Evans uses sacred geometry in all of her pieces.


Chakra Key #21 – Temple of Power©



I invite you to focus on it for a few minutes. Does it uplift you? Perhaps you find your breathing slowing and your spirit calming. Today it really brings extra energy to my throat center which must be needed as I type my message to you.

MS Evans has been called to create new healing energies that support us in these challenging times on earth. “She was guided to create them for raising our personal frequency, and also the frequency of any space in which the images are placed … ultimately the whole environment. Barbara’s stunning art captures beneficial energies from the Higher Dimensions, translating and transmitting them into visible, tangible 3 dimensional forms that encourage a powerful energetic transformation. Through raising the vibrational frequency of any space in which they are placed, The Image Keys invite us to raise our Consciousness, promoting Balance and unlocking our Infinite Potential. They assist us to manifest our Highest Dreams, and help anchor Oneness, Joy and Abundance into our lives. Color, Crystals, Sacred Geometry and Sound, the Language of Light and channeled messages are all interwoven in the Image Keys, creating a unique interactive living energy that is far greater than the sum of its part.” http://www.crystalwingshealingart.com/introducing-the-eden-method

I invite you to learn more about this body of work on October 10th during an experiential workshop with Barbara and her art at Yoga Rhythms in Lisle. We meet at 6:30 and the advanced registration fee is only $35.00. And yes, these Divine images will be available for sale!

I invite you to take some time to create your own sacred space with objects that uplift your soul and that inspire your connection. Your deliberate intention can help you create a calming space in this hectic world. Spend a few minutes each day and allow yourself to get quiet. Take a few deep breathes as you focus on your own inner connection, say a prayer and connect to the Divine, set your intention for your day and surrender worry and anxiety while you visualize your life unfolding from a place of love and balance. This process will help you to create sacred space with in your own being and become a more connected creator of your own life.

I invite your questions and feedback and hope to see you on the 10th.