What began as a holistic treatment for depression has become a daily spiritual practice which has benefited my physical and emotional health

Over 14 years ago I sought Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) as a way to treat depression and received my level 1 and 2 attunements within a few months of each other. I had no intention of offering it to others or even teaching at that time. Learning, classes and attunements were for my benefit.. With the help of a great therapist and daily self-treatment with Reiki I was able to survive depression without drug therapy. This was my chosen approach and you or a loved one may need something more.

My journey with Reiki has become a daily time for introspection and self-exploration. It has allowed me to develop my intuitive skills, enhance and get in touch with my higher self. I have been given the opportunity to heal emotional triggers from my past.

Reiki is a spiritual energy healing system which originated in Japan. It focuses on healing the body, mind and spirit by drawing on the body’s inner untapped energy. Reiki is one of the paths to spiritual enlightenment – to discovering the ‘self’.

Practicing Reiki and receiving Reiki promotes balance, relieves pain and stress, promotes physical and emotional healing and increases creativity and intuitive ability.

The word Reiki actually consists of two Japanese Kanji (word) characters: Rei and KI. Rei means higher universal knowledge or spiritual consciousness of God and Ki (or Chi in Chinese) means life energy or the vital life force or universal life force energy.

Reiki is a safe, gentle and powerful healing tool that can bring you into balance on many levels.

I use it on everything.
*as a spiritual tool

*Emotional/mental well being

*stay healthy and restore healthh

*mend relationshops

*alleviate workplace stress

Even in my daily chores with plants, gardens, laundry, shopping, cleaning and yes even this article has been infused with Reiki energy.
Reiki has been a gift I can offer others to help them in their healing journey, in reality we are all on a journey of healing.

Taking a level one Reiki class is a great way to be introduced to the healing benefits. Once the Reiki energy is activated you never lose it. Like any skill tho daily practice and use will greatly strength, hone and enhance your abilities and increase your self-confidence.

I will be teaching a level one class and invite you to give yourself the gift of Reiki. Mention Growthpod and the class fee is reduced from $140.00 to only $125.00. A small price to pay for massive benefits