DNA Theta Clearings reprogram you by utilizing a Theta Brainwave State. Joan Protano is able to go guide her clients into Theta Brainwave state thereby facilitating a healing reprogramming your Beliefs.

DNA Theta Healing Clearings and Reprogramming works on four levels:

• Core Beliefs – These are what you have learned asa child. It’s what we usually learned from our parents, teachers and primary adult caregivers.

• Genetic Beliefs – Are carried over from our ancestors, usually 3 – 4 generations back.

• History Beliefs – Are carried over from your past lives and the history of your race. They can also be carried as collective consciousness. These experiences are real. Where they come from is not the issue. It is vital to resolve the issues on the history level. Usually they are held in all the other levels.

• Soul Level – Is who we are. What we are. Our souls are still learning and can be redirected. If a person holds programs in more than one level, the soul may be affected. For example grief and sorrow can be carried to the soul. Not only does this end up affecting a particular part of your body, e.g. Lungs. But you are making choices from that place of grief and sorrow, not from a healthy neutral place.

DNA Theta Clearings and Reprogramming is about getting permanent, proper, lasting results.