I birthed a drum for my birthday. I am not sure why I wanted to make a drum. I do not have one that I use and have not been involved in drumming or a drumming circle. I was not even sure why I wanted a drum or why I wanted to make one and not just buy one.

I organized a drum making workshop on the eve of my birthday and put the word out to gather others who desired this experience as well. We were a small group . We worked outdoors on my patio sanctuary under the cover of the large umbrellas while it sprinkled gently on and off. I found the rain very cooling and cleansing.

The process of stretching the skins over the frame, punching and lacing, stretching again and tightening the strings was simple, fun and precise.

I am really pleased with my drum. As it dried over the weekend it took on a life of its own. I was excited to connect to its spirit. I birthed a drum on my birthday!

Now to make a beater or drumstick. As I thought about the drum beater, I discovered that this was a very personal and powerful extension of myself and the connection to the spirit and energy of the drum. I knew that the stuffing needed to be very special as well.

Since it was my birthday and I had received cards and gifts from friends and family I allowed them to guide me. I surrounded myself with the cards and gifts. I used the cotton from a jewel box I received. Butterflies are a special symbol for me and I found butterfly stamped material that I cut into a long strip. On the strip of fabric I wrote all the card blessings and listed the gifts, I added a message from myself as well.

I have a set of Angel Blessing Divination cards that I use daily and I drew one, asking for the energy of the Angel for the beater and drum. Nathaniel, the angel of Fire was chosen. I selected an ‘I Love Me’ affirmation card from month 12 and week 4. Since I had been gifted gems of moonstone and iolite, I called in their energy as well.

I gathered a few more items to place into the center of the beaters heart. I added a section of ribbon with the words “With Love” as well as a small crystal, sage, palo santo wood chips and an owl and hawk feather.

I wrapped all these things around the wooden stick I had been provided, which I then wrapped with leather. Finally I had a personalized and powerful extension of myself to connect with my drum.

I sat with the drum and slowly introduced the beater stick. Calling on the spirit of the drum, I awakened it with a few tentative taps and quickly got braver and bolder with my strokes. It has a lovely sound and easily transports me into a meditative state. I love the quiet silence as it reverberates thru my body after I get done drumming. I feel my body quiet down, relax and my spirit soar and connect to that calm sanctuary of oneness within. I am beginning to understand my souls request for a drum.