I am co teaching a workshop with Jeanne Essex on Oracle and Divination cards at the end of the month.   Jeanne will be sharing her knowledge on tarot cards during the workshop as I have not studied the tarot. 
I got my first set of Oracle cards about 15 years ago.  They are the Angel Blessing card deck by Kimberly Marooney.  This one remains my most used and favorite deck.  The cards have a picture of an angel on one side and the book that accompanies the deck has detailed and lengthy information and insights from and the angels; our human conditions and how they can assist us. I have found the readings to be very revelatory and inspiring. 
Over the years I have purchased many card decks, they each have a unique feel and purpose. There are so many available and Jeanne and I have a variety and no duplicates, so you will get to look at, use and get insights from over 20 different sets.. One of the purposes of the class is to expose you to a variety of decks so you can see which ones you would like to work with and use.
Yes, I said use.  This will be a very experiential class and we will share how we use cards and you will be an opportunity to do a reading on yourself and another class member.  We encourage you to bring your own decks to share as well.
Oracle, divination and tarot cards are not evil or unsafe.  They are a tool to connect to your inner wisdom.  I use them for daily insights and reflection.  When I have a worry or concern I will sit with the cards and do a reading as they help me gain a deeper understanding and even see things that may be hidden.  

I have also found that they help me go deeper when I meditate as the message becomes my focus and that gremlin monkey mind has an opportunity to quiet down.
The cards have been a wonderful way for me to gain confidence and trust in connecting to my intuitive self and have allowed me to connect to my soul and inner self.  They also help me provide insight and clarity on my coaching clients.  I use them to create sacred space and to center myself.  Doing a layout for a client can be very revealing.  When I use them in this way I allow the cards to open up my intuition and the information shared is always very profound.
Jeanne and I plan to share the many ways we use cards at the workshop as we have a different approaches. You will have a chance to look at, feel and even use close to 20 different card decks.  And best of all you will get a chance to practice and do readings, enhancing your own talents and gaining confidence.   We would love to create a group who gets together regularly in the future for additional lessons and insights.  
There is still time and space for you to register for the workshop and we are offering you a discount of $25 off the workshop fee of $85.00. So register now for only $60.  You get 4 hours of instruction, 2 teachers, over 20 card decks to review and the opportunity to enhance your own skills and intuitive abilities. In addition, you get to do readings on yourself and others.  We know you will be doing this yourself and others after the class…..
Call me right now to register for only $60: 815-739-4329