H.O.P.E.  – Heart Opening Prosperity Empowerments©

Joan’s signature work.  The heart is the key to living the life we dream of.  In this workshop you will learn about the physical and metaphysical workings of the heart.   Explore the blocks and wounds that prevent you from living a life filled with optimal health, joy, happiness, love and prosperity.   Learn a transformative technique you can use daily to clear and release limiting beliefs and negative emotions.  Meet you higher self, learn to set transformative intentions and create personalized affirmations for greater clarity and focus.

Reiki  – Usui Style Reiki classes – all levels intro thru teacher.    

Level  1 Attunement workshop – full day workshop – learn the history of Reiki, the background of the key founders, how to use Reiki, ethics, daily principles and  practice.  Receive an attunement activating your Reiki energy, learn how to self treat for physical and emotional issues and give an in person Reiki treatments to others.   

Level  2 attunement workshop – 2 day workshop – includes review of Level 1.  

Take your Reiki to another level by learning the powerful and transformative Reiki symbols for distance healing, focus and meditation.  Learn 3 Reiki symbols, how to use them in a daily practice, to transmit Reiki thru time and space.  Meet your Reiki guide and receive an attunement enhancing your Reiki energy.  Prerequisite, level 1 from Joan. Call Joan at 815-739-4329 for scheduling and fees.

Reiki Master  – Teacher Mentoring – Personal one on one mentoring teaching you how to teach and attune others to all levels of Reiki.  Must have taken levels 1 and 2 with Joan.  

Intuitive Development

We all have unique abilities of receiving information.  Learn to recognize your innate skills and clear any blocks to utilizing them.   Activate and develop your inner knowing for greater self-awareness and powerful healings. Learn how to help others with confidence and insights. Topics covered include: grounding, protection, visualization, meditation, invocations, ethics and how to give intuitive readings.  This is a practical and experiential class.

It’s  All in the Cards

Fun and lively class introduces you to the insights and power of divination also known as oracle cards.  Try out different card decks, techniques and methods.  Learn how to gain greater self-knowledge and read for others.  Tarot cards are NOT included in this workshop.

Vision Board

This workshop guides you in the creation and use a vision board also known as a mind map.  This fun and creative process can help you gain clarity and discernment for tapping into your heart’s true desires, or to manifest your goals, dreams or visions. This powerful tool you can be used for focusing and is a visual collage of pictures depicting what you want to attract into your life.  Joan will lead you thru a guided visualization to get in touch with your soul’s true desire.  All materials are provided for you to create your own unique master piece.    Sharing your creation with others is a powerful way to claim your desires.  A closing meditation guiding you into your new future reality will help you to fully manifest a new life.

Essential  Oils – Staying Healthy Naturally

Essential Oil (EO) is the natural fragrant essence extracted from flowers, leaves, bark, roots and berries.  Our sense of smell is one of most powerful and certain smells can trigger emotions and have a relaxing or revitalizing effect.  In addition, EO’s can often have a beneficial physical  action on our skin, muscles, brain and immune system encouraging healing and reducing inflammation. 

Essential oils are available for purchase thru Joan at